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02/17/2012 Donny Pippin Tennessee

My name is Donny Ray Pippin I live in Gainesboro Jackson County TN. My dads name was Donny Lee Pippin(1950-1986) and he was the son of Joseph Polk Pippin (1901-1974). His father was Joseph Silas Pippin (1867-1905) his father was James K. Polk Pippin (1845-1899) his father was Joseph Josiah Pippin (1811-1862) his father was Joseph Howell Pippin (1768-1845)his father was Solomon Pippin (1733-1798) his father was John S. Pippin (1702-1763)and his father was John Pippin and his mother was Elizabeth born in late 1600's.  Just wanted to know if this is the same line of Pippins? Donny Pippin

11/04/2011 Valerie Del Bosque

My name is Valerie del Bosque. I am descended from Abner through his grandson Ernest Pippin. I have quite a few pictures of Joe Pippin and his children that I am willing to share with anybody who would like to have a copy. I was wondering if I could get a copy of the pic of Abner that is on the web site. It is a great picture! Bill, I think you know my grandfather, Lynn Pippin in Groesbeck.

07/30/2011 Anne Miller

Please send information on family. Have lost contact. My Mother, Billie Ruth Porter, is a direct desendant. Her Mom was Essie Lena Pippin. Thanks, Anne Miller

04/01/2011 Linda Pippin I have been wondering if someone can help us find a connection between John Pippin born about 1822 from Henderson, Caroline co. MD, he married Rebecca (last name unknown) brorn about 1830 and had children, Anna E. Pippin 1853; Thomas Pippin 1854; Robert Pippin 1861; abd James Pippin 1862. I am not sure if we a decendents of your line of Pippins or not.
Thanks for your time. Linda Pippin
03/05/2011 Jesse James Pippin Virginia

I am Jesse James Pippin. I am 34. Im from Virginia. My Fathers name was Fred Eugene Pippin born Nov. 19, 1950 ...Died Oct.11,1992 His father was also Fred Eugene Pippin and mother Betty Hudson Pippin born
1899 died in 1979 his family is from Nelson County Virginia. My grandfathers father was Jesse James Pippin born in 1896 died in 1953.
Im trying to figure out my great grandfathers and grandmothers mothers and fathers info and so on.... I am greatful for this site and hope to learn more about mynamesake thank you and have a nice day!!!!!

Here is a picture of a statue I took in Versailles, France of another  Relitive you all may know

12/30/2010 Linda Hall  

My name is Linda Hall, for Christmas this year I started researching our family tree for my mother. I was very lucky and met a relative on ancestry. com that had alot of information on my mother's (mother's) side of the family. However I do not know much about my mom's dad's family. A few names, my mother's parents divorced when she was young and she and her dad and dad's side of the did not stay very connected. Now the Christmas is over I told her I would do what I could to find out about her dad and his family. I just came across this website and saw a post dated 5/15/08 from someone named Carolyne in Oregon. I did not see and email address for her and from what she has posted it appears she and my mother may be  half sisters. Her grandparents and her dad's name are the same as my mother's and her dad also had 6 brothers. The birth and death dates all match as well. If you have anyway to contact this person I would appreciate if you would let me know, or contact her to see if she minds you giving me an address to contact her. This could be a different group of Pippin's - I have no idea. Thank you for any help you can provide. Linda Hall

09/27/2010 Barb Gothard Texas My name is Barbara Sue Pippin I am delighted to see this web site dedicated to my name sake. My father was George Lee Pippin, son of Nathanial George Washinfton Pippin, Son of Joseph D.Pippin etc.
08/29/2010 Chuck Jefferies  
My grandmother was Esther Pippin, born in or around Greenville Texas March 17, 1899. Her father was Oscar H. Pippin, and was supposed to have been born in Virginia, and died in Los Angeles March 9, 1957. His mother's name may have been Cally. Does anyone have more information on Oscar Pippin? Any relation to your family? Thanks for any help.

Charles Jeffries (
06/05/2010 Wendy Stewart Georgia
I am a granddaughter of James Alford (former James Pippen), descendant of the Salathiel Pippin in southeastern Alabama.  My parents, two aunts, and an uncle are currently attending the 2010 Pippen reunion and shared with me the fascinating research you all have done.  Please include my on your email distribution list to receive all the updates about Pippen family genealogy and future reunions.
Thanks so much for all the hard work you've done to bring our family together!
04/06/2010 Wendy Gubman Irvine, CA Hi I am not sure if you can help me in establishing a connection to John Pippen.

This is the information I have- 

John Pippen b. abt. 1702 (6th g-grandfather)
m. Rebecca (no last name)   

son-   John S Pippin b. 1730 (5th- g-grandfather)
         m. Elizabeth Monticue b. 1734
    son- Joseph J. Pippin b. 1752 (4th g-grandfather) 
           m. Lucretia Cherry Knight b. 1765
      daughter- Lavina Pippin b. Bet.1784–1794 (3rd g-grandmother) 
                    m. Britain Spellings b. Bet. 1775–1784

Thank you in advance!
03/07/2010 Carol Pippin Thacker   I have trace my family history as follows:
John Phippin
John Pippin
Solomon Pippin
Joseph Pippin
Hill Pippin
Charles Applewhite Pippin
William Carroll Pippin
Levi Pippin
Ura Mae Pippin
Esther Pippin Claunch
Carol Pippin Thacker (me)
If you have any family information especially pictures would love it if you would send to me a pictures of town or buildings? Please let me know details of family reunion, I would love to attend
05/25/2009 Doug Pippin I'm a descendant of Richard William Pippin born in Maryland in 1788 (married to Elizabeth Hobbs) and settled in Indiana or Illinois.
I was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, grew up in Woodstock Ontario. In 1963 I moved to the Detroit, MI area where I worked until I retired in 1998. In 2000 I moved to Western North Carolina and now live in Henderson county (Fletcher post office) between Asheville and Hendersonville.
I first learned of the Tarboro Pippin family reunion earlier this year from my cousin Bert Rose who lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut (Canada)

I'll be attending the Pippin Reunion in Tarboro in a couple of weeks and was looking around the web site for information.
I noticed that there were copies of a book "John Pippen: A New Beginning in Maryland" available at the 2008 reunion and would be interested in purchasing this book if it's still available preferably at the 2009 reunion.
Erle Newby 
Fort Mill, SC Are there any members of your family that spell their name Phippen?  I heard of the upcoming family reunion and was wondering if we are related.
Lloyd Douglas Pippin
Fletcher, NC
My name is Lloyd Douglas Pippin and I am the son of Frederick Conard Pippin born May 4, 1909 at Pike Lake Saskatchewan Canada. My Grandfather was Bert Pippin who moved to Canada in 1905 from Kansas. I have a Family Tree book that traces the family back to Richard William Pippin who was born in Maryland in 1788.
I was born in on August 8, 1940 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, moved to Ontario Canada with my parents about 1943. In 1963 I moved to Detroit Michigan area where I worked until retiring in 1998.
In 2000 I moved with my wife Diane Almond to Fletcher, NC where I currently live. Lloyd's email
01/02/2009 T. Bert Rose Saskatchewan, Canada My name is Theodore Bert Rose and I am the son of Mildred Pippin born Dec 4,1912 on the homestead at Pike Lake Saskatchewan Canada. My maternal Grandfather was Bert Pippin who moved to Canada in 1905 from Kansas. I have been in touch with John Pippin for a couple of years regarding the family reunions in Tarborough. We are hoping to be able to join the events in 2009. My wife Joanne (Kruger) left Saskatchewan in 1968 and moved north into the Canadian Arctic. We have 2 children and 2 Grandsons.
Sure hope the family event will take place in 2009!!! Bert
11/29/2008 Craig Pippen  
Fascinating photos. Thank you for sharing.
Craig Pippen, of the Australian line; James Pippen (1829 England - 1917 Australia).
09/22/2008 James C. Avery Kentucky I graduated from tarboro high school  in  1950, and went off ''to war.'". i am researching the civil war in Tarboro and Edgecombe county, and would appreciate any maps or info on Tarboro, Edgecombe county and the pippin's in that war. Jame's email link Thank you.
05/15/2008 Carolyne Oregon
Hi,  I love the pippin reunion page. I  am looking for info on my pippin family side. My grandpa was jesse james pippin born 1896 died 1953 granma name was betty hudson pippin born aug. 24 1899 died april 1979. dads name was ralph allen pippin born jan 12 1926 died nov 11 1984 he had 6 brothers and one sister. grandpa had a sister name ginny that is all i know except i was told i have cherokee in me. They lived in Va.  How do i go about getting the obituaries, and death certificate  I don't know if we can come or not we live in Oregon.  if anyone knowa anything about my family i would like info thanks. Carolyne
08/11/2007 Jill Pippen Saric Virginia

Colby, John, Brock & Bill,
Thanks for all the hard work you did for the 2007 reunion.  It was very enjoyable and informative.  For anyone considering attending,  it was well worth the trip!  Also, the website with the photos looks great.  Hope to see you all next year.  Thanks again, Jill Pippen Saric

08/09/07 Phyllis Stallins Colorado
Jolene Ahrens is my cousin, my mother was Dorothy L. (Pippin ) German.  As I understand it, we are related through a Hill Pippin, although I am not sure there is confirmation of that.  The Hill Pippin family ended up in Missouri.  I thoroughly enjoyed the website and will continue to look at it.  I may even try to attend the next reunion, I would love to see that part of the country. Thanks for the photos, I sure enjoyed them.
08/01/07 Penny Smith Greensboro, Maryland
Thank you so much for the time that you have spent in developing this website. It is so important that our decendants know their heritage. I live a few miles from Centreville, Md, where our ancestors began their new lives. My Pippin roots are all around me. I intend to always be around them. I hope to attend the reunion someday. Thanks again. Well done.
02/24/07 Alan Pippin Florida panhandle
I am Alan Pippin from the Florida panhandle. I enjoyed your site. I have a small collection of unorganized documentation of the Pippin heritage. Some of Solomon Pippin III (my gr gr gr great uncle) relatives made their final descent (and resting place) here in the panhandle. Solomon III was born in 1783 and died in 1855. His headstone has been incredibly preserved. I plan to go back and take pictures. I will be glad to send them to you for your website if you wish. I already have some other pictures of old Pippin  graves that I took at Pippin Cemetery in Clarksville Florida. I will be glad to e-mail them to you if you wish. It would be nice if other Pippin / Pippen descendants could send you info to post on your site for all to access. 
We own a small piece of property in western north carolina and hope to go up this summer.  We will think about possibly planning a trip around the time of the 07 Pippen / Pippin reunion.
01/28/07 Chris Pippin Glenview, Illinois The information on this site is great - thanks! Hope to be part of this year's reunion.


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