Almanac for John Pippen the Immigrant
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1702- John’s baptism recorded in the West Cranmore Parish records of Somersetshire, England by his parents John and Elizabeth Phippin.

1706- Benjamin Franklin [one of 17 children] was born in Boston Massachusetts Colony.

1707- England , Scotland and Wales combined into the United Kingdom by Queen Anne.

1710- English population in Colonies is 332,000. In Maryland Colony it's 42,700.

1713-Territory of Carolina is divided into North Carolina and South Carolina .

1718- The French found New Orleans La. The Spanish develop San Antonio Texas as a fort and mission to prevent French settlement to the west.

1719- John departs from the west coast port of Bideford Devonshire, England bound for the Maryland Colony on the ship SOPHIA captained by John Law.

1720- Non-Indian population of Colonies is 466,000. In Maryland it's 66,150.

1727- John and his wife Rebecca have first child Joseph baptized. This record is on file at the Holy Trinity Old Swedes Church of Wilmington, Delaware.

1728- Maryland ’s first newspaper, The Maryland Gazette, published in Annapolis .

1729- The Maryland legislature establishes the charter for the town of Baltimore .

1730- Population in Colonies is 629,000. In Maryland it's 91,100.

1732- George Washington [one of 10 children] is born in the Virginia Colony. Ben Franklin begins the publication of Poor Richard’s Almanac. The 13th Colony, Georgia, is founded.

1733- Tobacco is declared legal tender in Maryland .

1729 to 1736- John and Rebecca living in Queen Anne’s Co. Maryland have 4 more sons and a daughter Rebecca. The birth order of the sons (after Joseph) is Robert, John, Solomon and Benjamin.

1737- William Byrd founds Richmond Virginia .

1740- Population in Colonies is 906,000. In Maryland it's 116,100.

1741- Sponsored by Russian Tsar Peter the Great, Danish navigator Bering surveys the coast of Alaska.

1746- Eldest son Joseph marries Margarit MacCoy at St. Luke’s Parish in Queen Anne’s Co. The couple leases a 60-acre tract of land from Joseph Elliot for seven years with an annual rent of 250 pounds of tobacco per year.

1748- Cricket is ruled a legal sport in England.

1750- Population in Colonies is 1,171,000. In Maryland it's 141,100. In North Carolina it's 72,900.

1751- Son John II marries Elizabeth Monticue in St. Luke’s Parish; the church had begun to hold services 18 years earlier and is still doing so today in the same building.

1753- John and Rebecca lease a tract of land known as Bee Tree Ridge from John Johnston for 7 years at an annual rent of 500 pounds tobacco and also must agree to build a 20 foot log house providing Johnston found the nails to build the house.

1754- The French and Indian War begins. It’s also known as the Seven Year War in Europe .

1755- The first official census of Maryland is taken. The structure of the society was 42% farmers, 29% slaves, 16% land and slave holding planters, 7% gentry, and 6% indentured servants. The population total was 153,564.

1756- Son Benjamin marries Charity Montegue at St. Luke’s. The other 3 children also marry but records have not been found to give a specific year. Robert’s wife name is not known; Solomon married Amy; and daughter Rebecca married a man with the last name of Emory. The first wife of Joseph died and he remarried a woman called Barbery.

1756- The English declare war on France initiating the European stage of the Seven Year War.

1760- the population in the Colonies is estimated at 1,600,000. In Maryland it's 162,200 and in North Carolina it’s 110,400.

1762- England declares war on Spain which was preparing to enter the Seven-Year War as an ally to the French.

1763- John’s Last Will and Testament was recorded on March 24 th. In Queen Anne’s County Probate Court. He left his estate to his loving wife Rebecca with the exception of one shilling each to his children Rebecca Emory, Joseph Pipen, John Pipen junr, Robert Pipen, Solomon Pipen, and Benjamin Pipen. Nathaniel Cleave Junior witnessed the Will. Humphrey Cleave, and Richard Cleave observed John make his mark on the document.

1763-The Treaty of Paris ends the Seven-Year War. Under this pact France gives up Acadia and the rest of Canada to the British. In addition France cedes all land east of the Mississippi River with the exception of New Orleans . In return, the French get back their Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe , Martinique and St. Lucia . Spain is given back Cuba in return for territory in East and West Florida .

1764 to 1767- Sons Joseph, John II, Solomon, Benjamin and their families all migrate to North Carolina into the Tarboro area. Records from Edgecombe, Martin and Halifax counties provided in Jim and Emily’s great book give many details. Son Robert remains in Maryland as well as mother Rebecca. It is not clear if daughter Rebecca Emory remains or moves.

We are all fortunate to be the descendants of the 30 named grandchildren of John and Rebecca listed in Jim & Emily’s book “John Pippen. A New Beginning in Maryland.”

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